Life in the Heart of the Yukon

Life in the Heart of the Yukon

The life I envisioned when I moved to Mayo was returning to an indigenous way of
doing things. I pictured myself becoming fluent in my grandmother’s language,
harvesting my first moose, and living by the seasons while building a stronger
connection to the land. I am still on my path to fulfilling that vision and have found
that I am able to share my life and it’s lessons through my business.

What I couldn’t visualize at that time was how much this land would take care of me or how many knowledgeable women I would eventually build connections with. I am continually reminded that I was guided by these women who possess undeniable knowledge of plants and animals, are healers and are connected with the landscape that surrounds them.

I chose to open my heart and mind and contribute my skills and experiences to do
the heart work and the hard work. Promoting community wellness and supporting
people along their journey through cultural programs, small business mentorships,
as well as advocating for clear rivers and other acts of resilience, the Yukon Soap
Company reflects our Dan Ke values and indigenous ways of knowing. I have
created a life and a business that brings joy, is regenerative and supportive.

In this season of love, I offer you a gentle reminder to think about your heart, the
land, the water, the Elders and the knowledge keepers- all that sustains you and
keeps you alive.

Take care xo

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