How to find the Yukon Soaps Company AND support local outside the Yukon

How to find the Yukon Soaps Company AND support local outside the Yukon

We could list a million reasons why it’s great to support local: it’s great for your community and local economy, it has a lower environmental impact, you get to support humans that you know and love, etc. But to be honest, I’m writing this piece because I MISS the Yukon. I love finding little pieces of home wherever I go, especially if they’re in a pretty soap form.


Of course, this is also a great opportunity to highlight the wonderful people who are continuing to support us during this weird time. The businesses who carry our products are made up of amazing women, Indigenous, and POC entrepreneurs who are doing their darndest to bring their local communities sustainable and ethically sourced products. If you live close to any of these stores, please give them some love!


So, here’s my gift to you: seven stores outside the Yukon where you can find Yukon Soaps and still support your local store.


The Livery

Calgary, AB

The Livery stays true to its market roots with a store full of goods made by local artisans and ethically sourced products. It was founded by two Calgary-based brands, CoutuKitsch Jewelry and Camp Brand Goods Apparel, who wanted to create a workshop and showroom space where they could show off their own and other local designers and artisans’ works. CoutuKisch creates trendy but classic jewellery pieces that would make an influencer drool, while Camp Brand Goods makes classic and comfy apparel to wear around the campfire.


FB: @theliveryshop

Insta: @theliveryshop


Mountain Goodness

Revelstoke, BC

Who run Mountain Goodness? Girls! *fierce Beyonce stare* This women owned and operated business offers products that are good to the earth and to the community. They offer farm-fresh organic produce as well as natural and sustainable goodies (Wabanaki Maple Bourbon anybody!?). With the bulk refill program, you can bring your jar or container and get just as much product as you need—check out the extensive list of refill items available on their website.


FB: @mountaingoodnessrevelstoke

Insta: @mountaingoodnessrevelstoke


Refill Market

Winnipeg, MB

We all want to do our part to minimize the amount of garbage and packaging we create, and Refill Market is making it easier for Winnipeg folks with their truly awesome range of sustainable bulk items. Whether it’s for your face or your kitchen, they likely have it! The other thing we love about the charming duo behind this brand is their passion for an accessible zero-waste life. Follow them on Insta for great tidbits of info on various issues and reminders that it’s okay not to be okay.



Refill Stop

New Westminster, BC

Refill Stop is on a mission to eliminate single use plastic and waste in New Westminster’s home and body products. With over 10,000 bottles of products refilled in just one year of being open, this woman-owned business is helping locals to keep reusable items out of the trash and reduce the insane amount of packaging so many of our products come wrapped in.


FB: @therefillstop

Insta: @therefillstop


Unity Clothing Inc 

North Vancouver, BC

Yukoners, you might recognize this name (RIP Unity, Whitehorse 😭). This trendy store serving the Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver, community offers stylish, well made clothing, accessories, and self care goodies to make you feel like a bougie bitch.


FB: @UnityClothing

Insta: @UnityClothing


Illume Wellness Spa 

Stratford, ON

We are ALL about relaxation and rejuvenation. The folks at Illume have it in spades, with their clean and green spa treatments and health and beauty products. If you’re looking for makeup and skincare products that are sustainably made by diverse skincare brands, these guys will be right up your alley.


FB: @illumewellnessspa

Insta: @illumewellnessspa


Is there a store near you where you’d like to see Yukon Soaps? Let us know! Email

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