Entering the new year with a clear mind and living space!

Entering the new year with a clear mind and living space!

Do you own your belongings, or do they own you? I find it almost impossible to think clearly if my space is cluttered. Our environment influences our mental state, so if you have been thinking about decluttering your space, here is your sign to start!  Entering the new year with a clear mind and “fresh start” attitude, I decided to tackle each area of my home by using this method. I am a big fan of cleaning Tik Tok, so it was easy to find great tips and organization hacks to help manage the way I am storing my belongings.

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Image: Storage solutions for cabinets to maximize space

Step 1: Planning

To make the task of cleaning and organizing less intimidating, it would be helpful to write your goals into a calendar. Be realistic with yourself and assign certain days throughout the month to clean each area by writing them down. Once you have assigned these days in your calendar, commit to making them happen! Part of your planning process can also include taking an inventory of each area and writing down storage ideas you may want to purchase. Your local Dollar Store/Walmart/Amazon have a lot of different options to choose from. This is also where Cleaning Tik Tok comes in handy. Watch a few videos and order storage solutions that work for your space. Take photos of each area so you can see the before and after once you are finished. It is always satisfying to see! 

Calendar tasks can include:

Bathrooms & Cabinets // Kitchen Cabinets & Fridge/Pantry // Living Room Shelves & Tables // Bedroom Closets & Dressers //Entrance Closet & Shoe Rack // Office/Desk Area

If you are feeling even more motivated:

Vehicle // Purse/Makeup Bag // Computer/Email/Cell Phone Storage // Children’s Bedroom/Toys // Hobby Space/Sewing Room/Painting Station etc. // Garage & Tools

Step 2: Declutter

For this example, I will use my closet. The same process can be used for each area. I had way too many clothes and a lot of them I had never worn in years. I was attached to the idea of the outfit or held onto items that I had an emotional attachment to. We all tend to do this with our belongings and it is one of the main reasons we begin to “hoard” things. This part of the process is the toughest because if you are going to commit to clearing your spaces, you will need to LET GO of some items.

Decluttering Tips:

- Have a few large bins/bags laid out and go through each item one by one. Ask yourself do you actually use the item? Do you really need it? If not, toss it in the “Giveaway” bin, if yes add it to the "Keep" bin. You can also include a “Maybe” bin for items you aren’t 100% sure of. You can go through these items again and decide when you are finished. Anything you have decided not to keep can be sold or donated.

- Once you have decluttered your space, you can separate the items into categories. For this example, items can be sorted into dresses, shirts, pants, belts, hats etc. Store each category in its own dresser/bin to allow you to find them easily.

- Now is a good time to clean by wiping/vacuuming etc. before putting the items you decided to keep back in your closet.

- Labelling is an optional step you can apply to areas like your kitchen and bathroom. It will make finding things easy which is our ultimate goal.

Image: Makeup brush cleaning hack recommended by a customer, small bits of soap clean brushes great!

Congratulations, you are one step closer to freeing your home of clutter!

Step 3: Enjoy

When I finish an area I like to enjoy my accomplishment. I do this by giving the space a spray. The Yukon Soaps Company Yoga Mat Spray is great for this. It is like putting the icing on the cake! :) It smells great and freshens up the area. I also enjoy a freshly cleaned space by using an essential oil blend in my diffuser. Essential oils offer energy-enhancing benefits and help you relax. They also smell amazing!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and put them to use in your home! Happy New Year.

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